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Date:May  29, 2018  View:498

Bhutan: Land of thunder dragon which is quite mysterious to us, once you board the Bhutan airline, you will find how amazing this area is. 

SOUTH has won the 24 sets RTK receivers tender of National Land Commission. SOUTH representatives were invited to come to Bhutan and give the SOUTH demonstration and local training.


The 5-day training starts from the surveying principle, Land commission officials were shocked with 30km powerful RTK fixed solution. At the mean time, SOUTH’s advanced technology lights up their mind which brings out some more idea of other application such as rescue, disaster, transportation, etc.


“We would like you to share new experience and ideas, and we hope to catch up with the latest surveying technology.” The director said. With no doubts, SOUTH would like to offer service and solutions to Bhutan continuously. And that’s what SOUTH is committed to international market.