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Date:April  19, 2019  View:1419

30 brilliant years make a legend, and South is now embracing its own 30th birthday this year. After the consecutive events done by the local branch offices in all other parts of China, the Grand Celebration Ceremony and Canton Users Conference were held in Guangzhou in the morning of April 10. This big moment has grouped more than 1,000 guests from home and abroad, including central and local government officials, military council leaders, experts and professionals of the industry, as well as some foreign visitors.  

Mr. Ma Chao, President of the South Group, delivered a welcome speech to all the attendants and gave a report illustrating how the group company has been developed into a Chinese giant manufacturer in survey industry through 3 decades. Positive mentality, proper orientation and keen persisitence just well interpreted his big success in the business career. Meanwhile, some VIPs from the central government and academic field also presented their favorable messages of congratulations to the event. And this day actually meant a lot especially in the global geo-spatial society. 




An impressive part came up next to the VIP talks. Mr. Gary Carpitanos, distributor from the Philippines, was awarded as an Intimate Friend of South. Being a Mr. South in the overseas market, he has been sparing no efforts in making South a popular and highly recognized brand in their territory. Their market dominance has definitely presented a different picture for the Made-in-China labels. 


In the afternoon, a foreign guest meeting continued to elaborate on the stories from the global village. Mr. Ma Ran, Vice President of South Group, extended his welcome remarks to all international partners and updated the latest developments of the group company. As he mentioned, South has been always thankful to trust, understanding, and support from worldwide. Then, an awarding presentation helped much to review the great achievements by the capable ones. 





The next 2 days was about the new products release conference. New RTK Insight V1, new total station with longer reflectorless range, new LiDAR model SZT-V100 V2, new VR simulator, GIS solutions and many other stuffs all contributed to a grand feast for the participants. As the theme of event goes--“Go Get Geo”. The Chinese giant manufacturer is always ready to supply a variety of quality survey equipment and cutting-edge solutions for the geo-spatial market.