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Date:June  10, 2019  View:918

Early June, 2019.
Guangzhou Headquarters.
In 1 heart dedicated to triumph.
By 2 teams' streamline manpower.
With 3 weeks' amazing combined efforts.

It’s RTK times!
3324 nos. GNSS RTK receiver Galaxy G1 were accomplished shortly for cargo shipment.

DO! Nothing could stop a willing heart to do it as scheduled!  

DID! Staff did all that they could to make this miracle happen!

DONE! A seemingly-impossible mission was done within incredibly short time.

Quality, performance, affordability and reputation have redefined the Made-in-China survey equipment. The National Brand of China’s geo-spatial industry was well interpreted this time. 


Let’s say CHEERS,
For an extraordinary success in winning the world’s largest RTK tender ever!
For an unprecedented challenge of completing all process against a huge delivery!
For a new milestone of the international sales record in GNSS RTK history!
For a bigger picture in Indonesia government sectors and the global market!
For this legendary moment to further celebrate our 30th grand anniversary!


3324 makes a name!
It’s RTK Galaxy G1.
It’s South.
It’s from China!    
We are the witnesses!