NLS31 /NLS33 /NLS35

    Two unit reading (meter/feet) High quality metal clamp for easy and rapid adjustment

Model: NLS31 /NLS33 /NLS35


Prism Pole Model NLS31 /NLS33 /NLS35
Pole Ф NLS31: 32mm
NLS33: 36mm
NLS35: 36mm
Sections NLS31: 2 sections
NLS33: 3 sections
NLS35: 4 sections
Grads -
Full length NLS31: 2500mm
NLS33: 3600mm
NLS35: 5000mm
Min. Length NLS31: 1370mm
NLS33: 1600mm
NLS35: 1700mm
Lock Type Clamp
Net. Wt NLS31: 1.8kg
NLS33: 2.3kg
NLS35: 2.7kg

Note: all information above is subject to change without any prior notice.


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