SkyPhoto is a professional package solution
designed for transforming low-altitude aerial
images into consistent and accurate points
cloud, DEM (Digitized Elevation Modeling),
DOM (Digitized Orthophoto Modeling) mosaics,
etc. The software features sharply in not only
one-key processing for workflow automation
but also advanced settings and editable output
options, specifically engineered to meet the
demand of both specialists and beginners.

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Intelligent GCP Matching

The system automatically predicts the locations of all other GCPs after the

4 corner points are manually matched, from which you might go straight 

forward instead of spending much time finding the GCP marks from the 

original images.

DLG Mapping Production

The DLG module in SkyPhoto-advanced is particularly developed for line 

graphic mapping productions, which are demanded to keep the geo-spatial 

interrelationship and related property information of all elements.

True DOM Output

TDOM, modeled from the rectified DSM, presents more comprehensive and 

precise geo-referenced information to better demonstrate the true terrain and 

ground objects. The software can output TDOMs after point cloud densification,

yet no manual corrections are required.

Camera Calibration Module 

(tailored to high precision mapping)

An individual module for camera calibration, including system calibration and 

self-calibration, is perfect to deal with projective distortions and acquire spatial 

3D information of the correlative 2D object coordinates.

Compatible Data Formats

A variety of the impressive deliverables (.tif/.dxf/.dat/.xyz/.las/.obj/.wrl/...) are 

available, which are compatible to other professional mapping/GIS/VR/BIM/IDS 

software (AutoCAD, 3DMax, Civil3D, Revit, ReCap, Infraworks, etc.) popular on 

the market.

Extremely Fast Computation

A novel algorithm and multi-core parallel processing method comes up with 

efficiency optimization for the digitized productions, especially suitable for 

mass data.