NTS-360R Series

● 2”/5” accuracy option,
   ±(2mm+2x10-6·D) with reflector
● Improved EDM System
● Better Angle Measurement
● Reasonable Industrial Design
● Exquisite Users Experience
● Enhanced Applications

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Improved EDM System

·Up to 600m reflectorless range and 5.0km single prism range.
·New Optical Light-path Change, fully isolate the emitting and reflect signal.
·Optimized Algorithm, measurement speed less than 0.3s.
·New Circuit Design, 150MHZ ultra high measure frequency, which also improve the accuracy of measure tape



Better Angle Measurement

·2”/5” accuracy for option
·Absolute encoding disk
·Azimuth angle will be saved automatically even if N6 is shut down incidentally when you operation



Reasonable Industrial Design

·Integrated Straight-through Horizontal Axis
·Dense Steel-ball Vertical Axis
·Embed Laser Plummet
·TP Sensor with automatic correction
·Dual-axis Compensator