N7/N9 Series

● 1” accuracy for N9, 2” accuracy for N70/N7

● 1000m/600m reflectorless EDM
● Windows CE 6.0 OS, Bluetooth standard, WIFI 
optional, compatible with various onboard software

● Ultra measure speed, Fine 0.3S, track 0.1s
● Data transfer options: SD card, mini USB

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1. Angle measurement accuracy improve

● Vertical angle: integrated unitary axis, less components. Less offset tolerance.
● Angle reading: 4 detector technology, reduce disk offset angle and rit tolerance.



2. Distance measurement accuracy improve

● Optical path change: totally new 5 axis design, fully isolation emitting and reflect signal. Reduce optical Crosstalk.
● Circuit design change: 150MHZ ultra high measure frequency, improve measure tape accuracy, Development by self. Improve SNR (Signal noise rate)



3. Geometry accuracy improve

● Clear telescope and high accuracy tribrach system, make sure pointing accuracy.


4. Compensator accuracy improve

● Micro survey tile tolerance by CCD image to compensate.


5. UE (User experience) improvement

● 640*480 high resolution.3.5 inch display unit. Easy to read under sunshine.
● WIN CE 6.0 OS, blue tooth standard, WIFI optional.
● Ultra measure speed.  Fine0.3S,  track 0.1s.
● A variety of data transfer options for diverse needs, eg. SD card, mini USB interface.