SkyWalker X62

SkyWalker X62 can load various payloads:
DSLR camera, airborne RTK/PPK Receiver,
2-Lens camera, Integrated 5-lens camera
system, 3D Laser Scanner, Digital wireless
video transmitter, Hyperspectral Imager,
Infrared Thermal Imager, etc.
We are dedicated to provide various products
(Orthomosaic, DOM, DSM, DEM, TDOM, DLG,
contour lines 3D model, etc.) for users.

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More Payloads

 Airborne LiDAR System
(for agriculture; topographics; electricity; forestry; land management; immediate response; disaster analysis, etc.)


Integrated Multi-lens Camera System
(for 3D cartography; manufacturing; architecture, engineering & construction; defense, intelligence & homeland security; media, entertainment & e-commerce; resources & energy; cultural heritage; scientific analysis, geology & forensics; immediate response, disaster relief & analysis)


Infrared Thermal Imager
(for night-vision tracing; rescue operation; power line inspection; environmental protection; agriculture; farming; fishing; forestry, etc.)


Hyperspectral Imaging Camera
(for vegetation research; farming; forestry; geology; environment; hydrology; bathymetry, etc.)


Digital Wireless Video Transmitter
(for remote command; traffic control; immediate response; emergency relief; live broadcasting, etc.)


Ultrahigh Resolution (100MP) Camera
(the forefront of aerial photography for the ultimate image quality, top solution for aerial mapping)