How could I get a rush order?

You are requested to fax the formal Purchase Order at +86-20-85524889 or  call us
directly. Meanwhile, please make sure everything is cleary stated in  the P.O
besides item name, respective code and quantity. In case of any   unnecessary
misunderstanding or error, please specify in details for the  items you need.
For example, voltage and type of the charger for instrument, color of the prism and
accessories, adapter joint of the prism pole, etc. All     these will greatly contribute
to ensure order accuracy and prepare goods  as soon as possible. For further
confirmation,please go straight to our sales  team and we would be always ready
to help.

What is the normal lead time of an order?

Normally the lead time of an order is around 20 days. But it mostly depends  on the
stock status and complicacy of your order. A final confirmation with  our sales
team would be much more practical.

Could I have some special shipping requirements?

Sure! Please communicate thoroughly with our sales team before dispatch, and it is highly
preferred if you could state everything in the P.O. For example, you may tell us clearly
how to issue the Commercial Invoice or Air  Waybill / Bill of Lading and if there’s
another party, like specified customs agent or forwarding agent, to be put onto the
waybill in your expectation.

How would SOUTH arrange the shipment?

We would follow your instructions anyway. In order to find out the best  transportation means and freight cost, please kindly share your opinions with  our sales team. We would be always ready to probe into any possibility of  smooth operation and attractive cost at your convenience. Either freight  collect or freight prepaid will do, but the latter one is mostly recommended.  Our principal is to provide various possible freight solutions in addition to  goods supply and at the same time, save your time and money. And most probably, it takes more time and effort to get a shipment confirmed regarding freight collect, which might delay the dispatch somehow.

How could I trace the shipment after dispatch?

After dispatch, you may try the following ways:

1. For air transportation, please try to contact your local airline company according to the
Air Waybill (AWB). The flight name, departure date and  AWB number would be your tips
to trace goods status. A quick look via the  website of the airline company is another

2. For air express, please try to visit the website of the express company. Input  
courier waybill number in the trace column, then everything is clear.

3. For sea transportation, please try to contact your local shipping company  according to
the Bill of Lading (B/L). The vessel name, container number, departure date and B/L
number would help you much to find out the goods  status.

In the freight collect way, you are suggested to turn to your specified forwarder for
details of shipment status.

Is it possible to have the e-versioned manuals?

Sure! Please go to Download, and you may find  relevant operation manual and service
manual in PDF format for our instruments.

Is it possible to keep pictures of instruments?

Sure! Please go to Support & Downloads and click Catalogue & Pictures,  select the right
category and find the pictures that you want in JPG format.

How could I get the Spare Parts List?

You may go to Support & Downloads and click Parts List, then keep the e- version

What’s the warranty policy of SOUTH products?

 As for the instruments, 12 months (upon waybill date) is under warranty. For details,
please refer to relevant warranty documents. Please always turn  to our sales team for
any enquiries of repairs so as to find out the best    solution timely.

How to upgrade the service level in my region?

Concerning service, a training program would be of great help to both sides.   Your
service engineers are sincerely requested to visit China and attend such  a program
that would last 3 to 5 days. After the training, you will be more familiar with our
products and relevant maintenance skills. Also, a standard  Training Certificate will
be awarded and we would offer recommendations  for your setup of necessary
service facilities.