·25mm copper-coated or silver-coated optional in metal canister ·Compatible with TPSmini101/102/103/104/105B/112A/112B, etc.

Model: TYmini25


Prism Type TYmini25-0 /TYmini25-1 /TYmini25-2 /TYmini25-3
Diameter 25.4mm
Coating TYmini25-0: None
TYmini25-1: None
TYmini25-2: Copper-coated
TYmini25-3: Silver-coated
Canister TYmini25-0: ABS Plastic
TYmini25-1: Metal
TYmini25-2: Metal
TYmini25-3: Metal
Standard TYmini25-0: TPSmini101
TYmini25-1: TPSmini102, TPSmini103
TYmini25-2: TPSmini104, TPSmini105B
TYmini25-3: TPSmini112A/B

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