Multi-Source High-Resolution Satellite Imagery Products & Services

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In this time of rapid global change, it's of great necessity to map, detect, address and predict the changes across the globe. Indeed, geostationary satellite imagery helps plenty of industries identify, monitor and understand the impact of changes on environments and human dynamics (eg. economy, health and sociopolitical stability) at an unprecedented speed and scale. This space technology and intelligence enjoy a number of applications and enable various organizations to make decisions with confidence. 

By combining multi-source data, applied artificial intelligence, machine learning and rich domain knowledge, we provide 2 parts of products and services and they are Cloud-based Satellite Imagery Basemaps and Conventional Satellite Imageries. Fueled by Maxar (formerly known as Digital Globe) and other major high-resolution commercial imaging satellites, our products and services are qualified for a variety of scientific analysis and further applications.