CR3 G3

    Model: CR3 G3


    CR3 G3 Brochure


    ● The South CR-3 UHG provides a stable phase center offsets at sub-millimeter level to guarantee your reference station an excellent tracking performance.

    ● Choke rings design inside the antenna helps achieve an outstanding multipath rejection performance.

    ● High-gain design for low elevation tracking enhances signal availability for more satellites.

    ● Ultralow line loss on signal transmissions, enables connecting cable extend more than 100 meters carrying undamaged signals.

    ● Fully sealed core components, waterproof and dustproof design, make it withstand severe conditions for continuous work in the field



    Choke Ring Antenna Minimum tracking elevation
    Practical tracking elevation
    Frequency Range GPS L1/ L2/ L5 QZSS: L1,L2C,L5
    BDS B1/ B2/ B3
    GALILEO E1/ E2/ E5a/ E5b/ E6,Alt BOC
    Supported SBAS signal bands WAAS/ EGNOS/ MSAS/ GAGAN/ GAGAN
    Phase-center accuracy 2mm
    Phase-center repeatability < 1mm
    Maximum phase-center eccentricity 2mm
    Antenna gain 65dB
    LNA features Advanced filtering to reduce interference by high power out-of-band transmitters
    LNA gain 50 ± 2dB
    Supply voltage 3V DC to 18V DC
    Supply current (maximum) 40MA
    Delay 5 x 10^(-9) s
    Dimmension φ322*261mm
    Element type Microstripe antenna
    Porlarization RHCP
    Axial ratio 2dB at Zenith
    Voltage standing wave ratio 2.0 maximum
    Left-hand circular polarization 20dB
    Multipath mitigation technologies LHCP rejection and 1/4 wave choke ring ground plane
    Ground plane design 1/4 wave choke ring
    Coaxial connector TNC female
    Shock rating 1m (3.28 ft) drop
    Vibration rating 4.3 GRMS, random vibration profile; Z axis only
    Humidity 95%
    Operating temprature -50 °C to +85 °C (-58 °F to 185 °F)
    Storage temprature -65 °C to +85 °C (-85 °F to 185 °F)
    Mounting thread 5/8" x 11 Female

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