Poseidon SU30 USV is a new generation of high intelligent USV. The modular design brings enormous convenience for both end users and manufacturers. Small physical makes hydrographic survey go everywhere. Fields of Surveying and Mapping, Hydrogeology and Water Management can be easily covered. In addition, SU30 can be customized according to user’s requirements.

Model: SU30/ SU30 (H16 version)




Physical Dimensions 1205mm × 560mm × 440mm
Weight (no instrument) 7kg
Performance in wind and wave-resistance ≤smooth-wavelet 0.1~0.5m, ≤windspeed 3BF, 3.4~5.4m/s
Material High-impact GFRP
Draught ≤15cm
Maximum speed 6m/s
Communication Methods Network bridge 5.8G, R/C 2.4G, LTE 4G (optional)
R/C Range 2KM
Battery Type Lithium polymer
Power 29.4V 35Ah
Duration 4 hours with auto-pilot mode
Waterproof IP68
Camera Resolution 1920 ×1080
Infrared Distance ≥20m
Focus mode Automatic / Semiautomatic / manual
Digital zoom 16 times
Waterproof IP65

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