● System Weight<6.5Kg ● FM & CW Processing ● Flexible Power Source (DC10-28 V, AC100-240 V) ● Simple Interface ● Roll-stabilization ● Quarter Price, Half Size, Double Efficiency

Model: T400


T400 Brochure


The revolutionary T400 focuses on intelligent, integrated and high precision of multibeam echosounder system. Its ultra-compact design can be easily operated by one person and suitable for USV, ROV, AUV platforms.

The number of 1024 sounding beams can provide you with high precision measurement result. Because of IMU built-in receiver, this system does not need calibration. With low power consumption, it is also suitable to operate from battery.

T400, small, lightweight and cost-effective could be your best choice.





• Bathymetry

• Pipeline Surveys

• River, Estuary, Channel and Pond Surveys

• Harbor and Coastline Surveys

• USV, ROV & AUV Integrated

• Geological Survey

• Search and Rescure



Sonar parameters Model T400
Frequency 400kHz
Swath Coverage Up to 140°
Beam Width 2°(TX) *1°(RX)
Number of Soundings 1024 soundings
Depth Range 0.2-150m
Depth Resolution 0.75cm
Beam Patterns Equidistant and high density
Ping Rate Up to 60 Hz
Signal Form CW/FM
Pulse Width 17μs -2ms
Depth Rating (Sonar head) 50m
Roll Stabilization ±10°
Installation Calibration Free
Side scan Support
Real-time Roll Stability Support
Heading Accuracy(GNSS) 0.1° (2m baseline)
Roll/Pitch Accuracy 0.05°
Horizontal Accuracy 2cm+1ppm(RTK) 0.6m(SBAS)
Heave Accuracy 5cm/5%
Electric Parameter Power Supply DC18-36V (Type:24V) C AC100-240V
Power 60W
Output Interface LAN Port*1
3.3V TTL*1
Cable Length 15m(Customized)
Projector Size 220mm×89mm×88mm
Receiver Size 128mm×80mm×88mm
Sonar Process Unit 196mm×142mm×73mm
Sonar Process Unit 1.55Kg
Projector and Receiver 5Kg
Operation Temperature -2°C~40°C
Storage Temperature -20°C~55°C
Software Onboard data collection and diaplay software
Onboard data process software

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