●Embedded WindowsXP operating system, userfriendly interface ●Integrated with both computer and echo sounder at industrial level, yet low power consumption ●Full aluminum housing, compact and handy, particularly designed for less-than-ideal circumstances

Model: SDE-28S+


SDE-28S+ Brochure


SOUTH SDE-28S+ echo sounder is a kind of industrial control and digital echo sounder which is integrated with the 12.1-inch TFT-LCD screen, industrial control unit, echo sounding unit, data processor, internal memory unit and kinds of interfaces and I/O devices. The special design makes it dust-proof, waterproof, shockproof. It collects depth measurement, graphical navigation, positioning data, water depth data acquisition together. All these features make the instrument strong compatibility, stable performance and reliable accuracy.

Onboard Software

SDE-28S+ (for depth measurements)

·Real-time vivid display of graphic and data, easy approach to underwater waves

·Integrated sound velocity calculation for more accurate results

·Smart alarm for shallow water and  "No echo" tracking to secure hydrographic operations

·Real-time display of the water depth value tracking lines, easy to be compared with underwater waves


Auto change of depth range                                                          Real-time display

PowerNav (for navigation purpose)

·New software kernel, faster processing and more stable

·Professional Engineering map sheet and data management, wizard-style parameter setting

·High compatibility, flexible to import graphs and data, connectible to all GPS devices and echo sounders

·Modular designed, meets diverse needs of hydrographic engineering projects




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