● Quick hand launch & belly landing ● 20.1 MP imaging sensor with 21mm Voigtlander lens ● RTK waypoint navigation, and precise landing control within 5m radius ● Mapping accuracy down to centimeter level by PPK corrections

Model: Standard Version A22 / Professional Version A22-Plus


A22 Brochure


SkyCruiser A20 series understands 100% what surveyors really need…

What shall be considered before purchasing a mapping drone?

Easy operation 

Automated control 

Output quality 

Survey-grade demand

Cost efficiency 

Responsive support 

A professional-level drone made for survey-grade mapping applications...

 Simple assembly and quick hand launch

Humanized GCS software with interactive interfaces

Excellent flight attitude due to moderate drone weight

Quality imageries to generate survey-grade outputs

Reasonable costs versus high work efficiency

Trusted local dealer and renowned survey manufacturer standby 






Aircraft System aircraft type fixed wing
wingspan 150 cm
take-off weight A22: 1.45 kg; A22-Plus: 1.55 kg
power supply lithium polymer battery
battery power 10000mAh, 14.8V
body material industrial EPO foam
Flight Performance take-off method hand launch/ automatic
landing method typical, precise parachute landing; optional, belly landing
maximum ceiling 4000 m
working height 70-940 m AGL (Above Ground Level)
cruising speed* typical 20 m/s (72 km/h)
endurance not less than 59 minutes, best up to 80-85 minutes (customized unit only)
single flight range* approx. 80-90 km
single flight coverage* --
landing space typical 20 x 6 m; recommended 50 x 10 m
Operation Performance base observations integrated with radio datalink device
radio datalink Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS)
control frequency 915 MHZ
radio communication range typical, 5-10 km; maximum 30 km
weather limit 10 m/s (36 km/h), Beaudfort scale 6, light rain
operating temperature -10℃ to 45℃
Ground Control auto return --
drone tracking APP display via pre-installed GPS tracker

Note1: all aspects marked with * are determined by weather conditions and manual operations in practice. Note2: all information above is subject to change without any prior notice.


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